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LooseWireStudio's FAQ Cheat Sheet - Divulged! :) (And out of date)

THIS IS A COUPLE OF YEARS OLD AND QUITE OUT OF DATE! There may be something to learn here, but much of it is no longer valid. Please check or ask in the Forums if you have any questions. Things are a changin'! :) Thanks!
This is just my rough text document of snippets of Etsy knowledge. My cheat sheet to assisting in the forums. Some my words, much more from others. Someday I'll organize it into sections. Until then, Ctrl+F. :) You're welcome to use this. Etsy is all about sharing knowledge. I only ask that you reference it, so that others can find it as well.
To learn about the Showcase, see here:
Check out the Showcase Gateway to find out when they will be available for purchase:
To learn more about the Treasury, visit here:
View the Treasury here:
It is also availabe in a link on the Home Page.
And remember there is a test treasury that is *usually* available!
There is also a tool where you can prepare and visualize your treasury while waiting to nab one:

For a quick look, here's the box you'll see to enter your title:
... and some quick tips for nabbing one. :)
You can use Etsy Mini, found in Your Etsy.
LOTS of buttons here:
Another button for Etsy is located in the blog (not easy to find):
Also in the Etsywiki:
When I click on shops in (insert flash app here), they don't open up. Nothing happens!

This is likely one of those situations where the first click opens up in a new tab or window. If you then navigate away from that tab or window, instead of closing it, subsequent clicks will open up in that *same* tab or window, but it won't move to the front. So check your tabs or windows in the background. If you can't find it, just close and reopen your browser to clear the situation.

Workaround to make it happen is to hold down the Ctrl key, while clicking.

Same is true for Time Machine, Treasury, and other flash apps.

Or... it could be a pop-up blocker.

I'm stuck in Gallery (or List) view!
This setting is stored in your Etsy cookies. Deleting them should clear the settings kept in them. How to do this varies with each browser. Alternately, logging out, closing all instances of your browser and reopening "should" clear it. But if a cookie has become corrupt, only deleting will solve it.

Here's how to delete just Etsy cookies:

Sometimes when the Treasury is really busy, you may just receive a white page. A workaround to get in is to use a link to a specific treasury. You can always find a link from the Home page treasury. I just tested this and it's working right now. Sometimes when it's

REALLY busy, even this won't work.
Why are some Treasuries 2 days and some 3?
jared says:
All Treasury lists are given 36 hours. Up to 24 hours is added on randomly at the time of creation. This random additional time is required to avoid the phenomena of sync.

I can promise you that the extra time is in fact completely random. Here is the actual server side code:

:: var age = application.rsoSettings.getProperty("expirationAge");
:: // add up to 24 hours randomly
:: age += Math.random()*1000*60*60*24;

The Treasury lists are also sorted by 'Hotness' only by default. As soon as someone manually changes the sorting column or direction (by selecting Title, Curator, or Expiration), the lists remain sorted in that fashion every time that person visits the Treasury. Same holds for page selected.

Can't access Treasury (or Chat). Doesn't connect!
jared says:
The Treasury and Chat rooms require port 1935 to be open on your network.

Check if you have a firewall, and if so, configure it to allow TCP/IP traffic through port 1935. All firewalls are slightly different so it's difficult for me to explain precisely how to do this. It's best if you can talk to your network administrator or whoever in your household set up your network. Thanks and good luck!

Here's a great little utility (not Etsy's) that tests the firewall ports required by the Treasury, Workshop, and Chat rooms:

All tests should return success.

Here is a helpful article from Microsoft on how to open ports on Windows XP:
"Connections" show who is connected by hearts. On and on and on and on...
First it will randomly show you 5 of your favorite items. From there you can select the Little heart on the item and be brought to two of that person's favorites, with items... Then you can either click another heart to continue, or click the item if you so choose.

Just a fun way to shop.
Great stats here:
And here's some helpful information about general traffic, accumulated by our own gemmafactrix from her own website...
Also, FYI here's some Etsy traffic stats for the past 6 months from (Thanks to JOYouz for bringing this to our attention.)
And, more interesting stats, thanks to KerriHale:
Dyno has posted a pdf over on the etsywiki with lots of pertinent info on the proportions of all image views on Etsy (first link here downloads the pdf):
Clearing cache:
For many browsers, you can simply hold down the SHIFT key while pressing the refresh button (works for IE and Firefox).
Here's some more detailed explanations for various browsers:
From the Selling FAQ:

How do I become a Featured Seller?
The featured seller is always hand-picked by one of the Etsy admins. We look for ingenuity, well-made items, interesting descriptions and top-notch item photos.
(Source: ).
Those four little floating items at the top of the home page?
jared says:
Those are 'knockout' items. Knockouts are photographs that feature the item and follow all of the following rules:
* absolute pure white background (#FFFFFF)
* no cropping of the item or item's shadow
* no graphic design

Knockout items are periodically collected and added to a pool where they are randomly displayed in that area. The collection process is part robot, part human. About 50 unique knockouts are collected in each batch.
Here's a thread with a couple of techniques to create the white background:
I can't comment in Treasuries!
Treasury Comment limit:
jared says:
The number of comments each list in the Treasury can have is limited. The limit is not a hard number, it's more of a space issue. The Flash player has a maximum vertical height of 2880 pixels. If enough comments are added to a list, the box to add more comments gets pushed beyond this limit and disappears, just as imaginationalley (cool name) said.

Remember also you must be logged into to leave a comment.
Formula for pricing:
Common need when the Tabs page isn't working properly in Listing/Editing items.
Also, when having trouble with the Profile page loading.
Enabling Javascript:
(Or browser and OS isn't compatible with this feature. See approved browsers.)
For more info on basic soldering, here is a great forum post from DownToTheWireDesigns:
I updated my sections and now they're off - my items are in the wrong sections!
Crazy sections
In this thread
RD said this:
This happens when you add or remove listings from your shop and the batch sorting page is pulled out of your Browser's cache. To prevent this, try reloading the batch sorting page before clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the page.

If this does not work, try clearing your browser's cache.
Person sees the following text on screen:
"write about it in your Etsy blog (everybody has one) "

Are you using Safari, by any chance? It has some issues rendering comments properly. Meaning, it's code on the page that shouldn't be showing. Etsy has obviously thought about having a blog for each of us at one point, a long time ago.

Problem discussed here...
In this thread
RevolvingDork says:

"We've tested and are officially supporting the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 6
Interner Explorer 7
Firefox 1.5
Opera 8

Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5

Please note that IE on the Mac is no longer supported with version 2.
What does Etsy mean? How is it pronounced?
It is a purposeful mystery. Answers have been:
1. From a movie by Fellini
2. It's latin for "and if"
3. Rob's Grandmother
4. It's Hebrew for Tree

Here's the original thread discussing it:
Here's a recent tv spot with another version:

FYI, it's pronounced like Betsy, without the B.
Forum "Police".
As Stella, an Etsy admin, once posted:

"we do appreciate when our more experienced members *respectfully, tactfully and lovingly* help new users to understand how the site works, where to find information (including the rules) and alert the staff to problems privately via email or convo."
Why is Etsy slow?
From this helpful website
They clearly describe
"Why do sites load slowly or not at all?
This is a good question and we are asked this many times a day. Web pages can load slowly for a variety of reasons, here are the most common:
* Internet congestion.
* Too many people trying to go the site simultaneously.
* The site does not have enough bandwidth to handle all the requests.
* There are lots of images.
* You have a slow connection.
It is usually due to congestion on the Internet (lots of people online) or the site does not have enough resources (bandwidth or fast enough web server) to handle lots of people trying to get to it simultaneously. However there are some tools available to help figure out what is happening."

Since I have windows, I used tracert to view my internet route and found two servers having problems today - both of them with my ISP.
See here:

I also used Ping to check just Etsy.

It's pretty handy. I've used these utilities many times over the years. If others have any other ideas or input, I'd be interested. :-)
You *CAN* use the following symbols in your titles:
- hypen
( ) parentheses
, comma
. period
' apostrophe
/ forward slash
0-9 numbers

We are *NOT* able to use these:
" quotes
& ampersand
; semicolon
: colon
! exclamation point
? question mark
\ backslash
_ underscore
+ plus
= equal sign
* asterisk
@ at sign
# number sign
$ dollar sign
< > angle brackets
{ } decorative brackets
[ ] square brackets
(Was this for Treasury titles?)

inName.restrict = " 0-9A-Za-z.,()[]{}'?!+=";

Which basically means all letters, upper and lower case, all numbers, and the following characters .,()[]{}'?!+= are allowed.
--- PAYPAL ---
Secret Paypal Shipping Link:
Paypal Phone Numbers
1-888-221-1161 (Toll Free for Business/Premier)
1-888-204-4481 (Toll Free for Business/Premier)
1-402-935-7733 (Personal Accounts)
1-402-935-2057 (Personal Accounts)
If someone buys multiple items, here is an example of how Etsy tabulates:

Primary / Secondary
3.50 / 1.00
2.50 / .75
4.50 / 2.33

Etsy picks the largest amount for the primary and then the secondary amounts for the others. So in this case,
4.50 + 1.00 + .75 = 6.25
Cancel a Sale?
1) Leave Appropriate Feedback
2) Relist The Item, If Needed. To do this, click on Your Etsy, Sold Items, Select the item and you will find "Relist" at the top of the page.
3) Report The Transaction, Using The Link On The Left Side Of The Help Page. Additional link under Your Etsy, then Cancel a Sale.

Note That After Etsy Reverses The Transaction, #1 & 2 Are No Longer Available. Your Selling Fees And Relisting Fee Will Be Refunded. This can take from one day to up to a week.

Sorry This Happened To You.
jared says:
Lists are removed from the Treasury when they expire. This happens on the server. There are no known problems with this process.

The DISPLAY of when lists expire depends on your local computer's clock. If your computer's clock is out of sync with the server's clock, the time left to expire will be off. You can verify this by setting your clock ahead by a month. Look at the Treasury and all the lists will say they're expired.

Depending on your operating system there are a number of ways to synchronize your clock to global atomic time.

I am working on some code that should help compensate for clocks out of sync. It will be pushed live as soon as testing is complete. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Posted at 11:48 am, July 17 2007 EST
Littleputbooks tips for making listings ahead of time:
Here's a Flickr group about art & craft fairs/shows (mostly setup pictures):
Loosewire's Tips to Snagging a Treasury:
-In preparation, sort the Treasuries by expiration date. Count back to 333 to see approximately how long it will be before they will become available. Check back before this time, as people will delete their lists.
-Go to the last page of the treasury.
-Sort the treasury by expiration date, so you can see the time count down.
-You can click on the page number to update the time more quickly. It only does so automatically periodically.
-Wait at that last page until the 333nd treasury expires. It will remain there expired for a few minutes. Last time it took 5 minutes for it to disappear.
-This box will appear:
-DO NOT refresh. You may miss the box. I repeat: DO NOT refresh.
-When the box does appear, type at least one letter in it to reserve it. Then think of a title and press Create.
-Good Luck and have fun! :-) You *will* snag one.

After you get one, a few things to know:
-The little boxes to enter the numbers may not appear at first. Simply arrow out of your treasury and then enter it again. Then you'll see them and be able to proceed.
-A lot of people are doing just what you have done. The Treasury is mighty busy. Things might be a bit slow. Continue to be patient. If something odd seems to happen, again, don't refresh. If need be, just step away from your computer for awhile, while everything processes.
Why are items still showing that were listed more than 4 months ago?

Let's say I have an item that I listed on 1-1-06.
Remember, each time I renew, another 4 months is added to the expiration time.
I let it expire on 5-1-06 and then renew it. Its expire is now 9-1-06.
I renew it again on 10-1-06. Its expire is now 1-1-07.
I renew it again on 11-1-06. Its expire is now 5-1-07.
I renew it again on 12-1-06. Its expire is now 9-1-07.
I renew it again on 1-1-07. Its expire is now 1-1-08
I renew it again on 2.1.07. Its expire is now 5-1-08.
If I do not renew this again, and allow it to roll along, when someone looks at the category anytime in 2008, it could seem like an unusually long expiration time.

Does this now make sense?

Here's another thread where this was discussed, er confused even more. :)
(Old) Info about sorting by views in this thread, where the previous problem was stated:
'Buy Now' button not encrypted? See this thread for how to remedy.

Here's the resolution, as stated in two different ways:

RevolvingDork says:
This is an issue with the seller's paypal settings -- they will need to turn off their PayPal account's option to only select encrypted PayPal buttons, and open their account up to unencrypted PayPal buttons.

dyno says:
Selling Preferences: Encrypted Payment Settings
click Website Payment Preferences link:

scroll down to Encrypted Website Payments
make sure Block Non-encrypted Website Payment is marked OFF

(Full error message is: The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannotpay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller
for more details.)
Here's a GREAT thread about Tags:

Oh, and remember that you can use "NOT" to eliminate items.
For example, looking for:
woman dress
brings up a lot of patterns (sigh), so try this:
woman dress NOT patterns
still brings up maybe some jewelry, so enter:
woman dress NOT patterns NOT jewelry

Why is Paypal charging a different amount for shipping?
It's a Paypal setting that needs to be changed, so it doesn't override Etsy.

*NOTE: Paypal has made some unannounced changes and you will see either one of these two options:

**A)From the FAQ:

"Why is the shipping wrong on the PayPal invoice when I have the correct amount entered into my Etsy shop?
When shipping on your PayPal invoice is incorrect, you'll just need to adjust the amount in your PayPal account settings. If you need to revise the invoice for the customer, go to your PayPal account and click on "request money".

To check your PayPal settings:
1. Log into PayPal at
2. Go to My Account > Profile > Shipping calculations
3. Check the box at the bottom that states: Allow transaction-based shipping settings to override profile settings"

Here are my personal screen caps of this original location of the setting:

**B) See my screen captures of new screens here:

"In your Profile...
1) Shipping Calculations
2) Check Shipping Method box, then Edit will become clickable
3) Click Edit
4) Edit Settings
5) Override shipping methods per transaction? Select the "Yes" radio button.
6) Scroll to bottom of the page and "Save Changes"
Also, when you begin the Paypal steps mentioned in Option B, above, and are instead given the option to Setup your defaults, I don't believe there's a need to do this - so don't. If there are no Paypal shipping defaults setup, then they won't attempt to override Etsy's transaction based shipping charges. Hope this makes sense. :-)
This is my own personal finding of where the same setting is within Paypal.

Etsy is reviewing the changes and will be updating the FAQs. It seems this change was made in the US, but there are sellers (so far) in the UK and Australia that still see the old screens.
Multiple Chat Ghosts!
In this thread:
Etsy Admin jared says:
Appearing multiple times in a chat room is usually an indication that there are network troubles between your computer and our servers.

What generally happens is you are disconnected in some way, then you reconnect. When you reconnect, you see your old self still there. The
eason is because the way you disconnected confused the server, and it thinks you're still out there somewhere, just being very quiet.

Eventually it will decide the connection is invalid and automatically remove these old copies of you. We call them ghosts.

They're more spooky than anything. They don't hurt anything.

If you're on a wireless connection, try moving closer to the source. If you have a network administrator handy, tell him you're dropping packets. Good luck!
Posted at 4:45 pm, September 7 2007 EST
Okay to add one of your own items to a Treasury?

1) When you create a treasury, it is stated in the Terms that it is not intended for self promotion. When you create a treasury, you are agreeing to the terms noted. See screen cap here:

2) Admin has stated their position:

From a previous thread about Treasury:
Etsy Admin:

The Treasury is not intended for self-promotion, ie. don't make a list ALL of your own items. The Treasury was created as a way to showcase the work of others on Etsy, thusly building community spirit and exhibiting respect for our fellow artisans.

A curator may place one of their own items on a list if they feel it really fits their theme/aesthetic. However, Treasuries including the curator's own items are not likely to be promoted to front-page status (and if it is, we may choose to exclude the curator's item from the front page)."

My added note:
Just know that if you include one of your own items in a treasury, you do risk losing some potential customers, whether you agree with how they feel about it or not. It will happen.
Etsy Staff:
Old news on Categories/Subcategories:
In this thread
stellaloella says:
Your Conversations are private.

In cases of disputes or abuse, Etsy's Admin may ask your permission to view your Convos to get the full story, but this is rather rare.
Posted at 7:25 pm, September 20 2007 EST
Press Kit

In this thread
wonderamy says:
"The Etsy Press kit has a great video (or electronic press kit) on it, examples of lots of press clippings, and downloadable images.

I know that Matt has been working on press releases for our new Holiday Initiative,

We also have just published a guide in the Teams section of the site called "How to write a killer press release for your Etsy Team

Event," which has some simple guidelines about making a great press release:

Thanks for helping spread the word about Etsy!"
Links to other places you sell?
This is from another thread that went round in round in circles until it encountered the administrative lock:

Etsy Admin
stellaloella says:
This thread, much like the last one on this topic, is just going in circles.

The actual rule is this:

"Don't post links or URLs anywhere in your shop to another web site for the purpose of encouraging buyers to purchase your items off Etsy; this is considered fee avoidance."

D&D > Selling:

We've clarified the rule in several places:

If you have further questions about linking/posting the URL for *your* specific website, please contact support [!at] and they will assist you.
Gleaned from the forums:
CRAFT FAIRS High end shows:
Lots of shows. Lots.
A good festival to follow
Others: . Serious. :)
Midwest Shows:
A newsletter for events in the PA/OH/WV/MD area
Unable to write comments in Treasury or Chat? Can't type in the box?
There is a known issue with Safari on Mac.
There is a newer issue with Vista and IE.

For the Safari issue, you can hold your cursor over the box while typing. This sometimes works. Other have said opening a new window works.

For Vista, assure you have the latest flash player here
Best to assure You have version 9,0,115,0 installed, but unfortunately for that, issues still remain.
Jared is aware of this, and he rocks, so be sure a fix is on the way.

This is assuming you are logged in, of course, as you need to be. :)
In this thread: (Old info, as new color picker was implemented 02-08)
RD says:
The average color is generated and stored automatically when you upload an image -- there's nothing extra you have to do to be included in the color picker. :D
In this thread:
Jared says:
It's a balance between taking a good, descriptive photo while also satisfying the color averager.

One especially good trick is to use a solid white or black background. Backgrounds of this nature are ignored from the average, thus giving a more pure representation of the color.
Jewelry Suppliers

What am I missing?


You have to call them to get a login, but it really only takes about 3 minutes and a few simple questions.
Can't find my items in Google!
In this thread:
kfarrell says:
Since google works on indexed information (meaning they crawl Etsy periodically and store the information on their servers rather than go out to Etsy every time you search), newly listed items may not show up in google.

There's a lot of info that goes into how Google ranks their results, including how many other websites (and which ones) link to a page.

The shops that show up at the top of the Google results often will have been featured on another site, giving their item more "importance" in Google's rankings.

The best way to improve your chances of coming up in a google search is to promote your work off etsy. If you're concerned with bringing traffic to your items from within Etsy, make sure you have clear photographs and descriptive titles/tags. That way when someone uses the Etsy search function, they'll be able to find your items :)
Can we use the Etsy Logo?
Refusing Service:
Gift Baskets:
stellaloella says:
littlebitsys makes a great point (pg 6). This is one of those things that requires some case-by-case examination to determine if something fits into the rules of not. I'll do my best to explain the basics, but please keep in mind that specific items may fall into different shades of this gray area. This is about finding a balance between the focus of Etsy being handmade goods and what it means to "hand-assemble" something from commercial components. Here goes...

Gift baskets made entirely of non-handmade (commercial) goods including a non-handmade container are NOT allowed.

A gift basket that mixes some non-handmade (commercial) goods with your original handmade items is generally ok -- IF your handmade goods are the majority/focus of the overall product. The commercial goods are a "bonus" in this situation. (This is similar to including a non-handmade makeup brush in a set with handmade makeup. It's like a free gift with purchase.)

Gift baskets or sets comprised entirely of your own handmade goods (including the container) are totally a-ok!

Diaper cakes are a unique situation. They're different than a standard "put stuff in a basket" gift basket, since they require creative crafting to sculpt the components into a cake.
Posted at 10:33 am, January 9 2008 EST
Cool Propay Discount Link!
Also, there's a user here called PropayMike who would be able to help with any questions, problems. Here's the thread link where he posted more details:
Where else to sell?
dottyral says:
Found it. Here's part of what she said...

stellaloella says:
If you want to discuss the pros & cons of other selling venues, you're welcome to do this in our Crafting & Business forum. We generally allow those discussions, as our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and we understand these other sites may have something different to offer each individual. Please note, we do not allow the outright promotion of other venues (just discussion).
Can I change an listing from one producet to another entirely different one?
dottyral says:
The only quote I could find was from ages ago from RD. Stella's discussed it in the forums more recently but I can't find it.

Anyway, here's what RD said...
RevolvingDork says:
"We ask that seller do *not* edit their items into different items -- as DD's initial problem has demonstrated, this messes up all of the metadata attached to the listing.

Favorites, view counts, date listed, past sold receipts, order histories -- all become innacurate if an item listing is altered competely.

This affect not only the seller, but also their buyers and anyone else who has interacted with the listing."
Visited Treasures not updating?
Also, in this thread
jared says:
Be sure your Flash cookies are enabled.

To do this:
1) load the Treasury
2) right click (command click on Mac) anywhere over the Treasury lists
3) select 'Settings...' from the menu that appears
4) click the folder icon tab
5) move the slider to 100kb or greater
6) click the 'Close' button

The instructions above set the available disk space for your Flash cookies to 100kb. The Treasury uses your flash cookies to keep track of which lists you've been to.
Making headpins, tutorial:
Someone is using my photos
How to charge a different price?

Instruct your buyers to do one of the three:
1. Convo you and wait for you to adjust the Etsy price. (hardest)
2. Buy through Etsy and wait for adjusted invoice (most common)
3. Let them know you will Refund through Paypal (also works)

After the fact:
1) If they have not yet purchased through Etsy, just adjust the Etsy price.
2) If they have already "bought" through Etsy, but not yet Paypal, just send them a new (revised) invoice. To do so, go prepared with the buyer's email address to Paypal. Click on the Request Money tab. It's pretty straightforward after that.
3) If they already have paid in Paypal, click on the Details of the Paypal transaction and look for the Refund link at the bottom of the page.

It's your choice how you want to handle a sale. Good luck! :)
International rate chart! Easy!
Changing items a flaggable offense?
Stella says:
The Terms of Use says, "Each unique item must have its own listing." (Source: ). The "changing a listing" rule is not explicitly outlined in the DOs & DON'Ts, but will likely be added when we revise the document a little later this year, just for clarity.

Please do NOT change a listing to a completely different item. There are several reasons for this:
-- fee avoidance: each item should have it's own unique listing and therefore it's own listing fee of 20 cents
-- confusion for other members: someone may have the item in their shopping cart, favorites, a Treasury, the Gift Guides OR otherwise bookmarked in some way
-- database unhappiness: when all the identifying info for a listing is changed, it can cause technical problems in the database (editing one or a few things about a listing is ok, but total change is bad)

In short, don't do it.

If you have reason to believe another seller has done this (like an item you hearted is now different), please email abuse [!at] and we'll look into it.
Adding EtsyMini to Blogspot:
Layout Tab
Page Elements
Click "Add a Page Element"
Select "HTML/JavaScript"
Paste the javascript code there.
Save Changes. And save again.
Alchemy not updating sales total?
In this thread:
kfarrell says:
Alchemy sales won't show up in your sold item count until you upload pictures and click the "complete" button in the bid. Once you click the "complete" button, the item will appear on your Alchemy page in your shop, your sold items page, and shopping tools like Pounce and Time Machine.
We'll update the FAQs to make this a little clearer. Thanks!
Poster Sketch not saving?
jared says:
The Poster Sketch uses your browser's Flash cookies to save data. If your Flash cookies are disabled or full (there is a 100kb limit by default), the Poster Sketch will not save and will not display an error.

This means a couple things:
* Poster Sketch will only save on the computer you make it on
* your Flash cookies must be enabled for save to work

I will work on updating the Poster Sketch to display when it is unable to save your work.

In the meantime, make sure your Flash cookies are enabled and not filled up with junk:
* right click (control click on Mac) anywhere on the Poster Sketch tool
* choose 'Settings...' from the menu that appears
* click the little Folder icon
* move the slider to the right
* set to 100kb or more (I keep mine set at 1Mb, which is just fine)

Also, sorry for the lost work.
Etsy Advertising (new topic)
Interview with CEO Rob Kalin ===
RSS Feeds?
A Flickr Forum post: "Don’t use Flickr for commercial purposes." There's an admin post in there.


FORUM POLICE ""'""\__,_
_____________ l______)

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Great job! what a collection of good info! Thanks again!

BululuStudio said...

WOW, Excelente!

80sMom said...

Wow, thanks for such a great resource. You are awesome!

Sunny said...

Wow, you're a rockstar! Thanks for sharing.

Tami said...

Awesome! I'm bookmarking this post for future reference. Thanks!

Hamameliss said...

Haven't they discontinued "knockout" items on the front page? I noticed several months ago that those items didn't seem to be around anymore.
Melissa from

Hamameliss said...

Haven't they discontinued "knockout" items on the front page? I noticed several months ago that those items didn't seem to be around anymore.
Melissa from

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