Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wow! 10,000 Forum Topics I've Posted In. (Etsy)

Friday, December 14th marked 10,000 Forum Topics Posted in for me. Yikes! My first post was 10-7-06 and the first question I tried to answer was 10-13-07.

This milestone has made me pensive about the Forums and Etsy in general. Most of what I love about Etsy is its community. The people here have been kind and helpful. There are so many Etsians that are willing to answer questions. Sometimes it seems a contest to see who can answer first!

I'm amazed at how generous people are with their wisdom - artistic and business. I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to feel as confident as I do without Etsy. When I went to my first craft fair, I found myself better prepared than some others who had been doing fairs for a while. When I needed to purchase jewelry displays, many people divulged their sources for good suppliers.

So, this wisdom that I've learned I try to share with others. I've captured many screens and have a document with the most asked questions, so I'm quickly prepared to help out. In my real-world jobs, I've been called a mediator, a service-oriented person and a troubleshooter. These skills all help me to help others.

Mostly it feels like I'm hangin' with my coworkers, helping the newbies, sharing knowledge, discussing personal or wordly issue or just playing games. :)


Beadiful Things by Ann Westby said...

You're always there with helpful comments, Loose. That's what we love about you. :-)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

You are truly one of the finest people on the Etsy forums, loosewire. You've helped so many people, with unfailing generosity of both knowledge and spirit!

Designing Hilary said...

I read your "I'm done" thread last night. It sorta broke my newbie heart because you've been a sound and reasoned voice on many threads. I'm going to miss you. I hope you come back and help us to remake the community back into a comraderie of craftpersons and artists.

Anonymous said...

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