Monday, April 2, 2007

Sterling Wire Pearl Cages with Galvanized Metal

Yes, it's the stuff that heating ducts are made out of. :-) They have a unique look and feel and are light weight on the ear. I used Argentium Sterling Silver wire due to the nature of the cage. (See post below about Argentium.) It would be a bear to try to polish regular sterling and this will maintain its shine!

The pearl and cage have an opposite feel. The gentleness of the pearl versus the stoic wire. Or is the wire protecting the pearl?

Not sure how many more of these I will make as the galvanized metal is really hard on my tools. It dulls them so quickly. This pair currently exists in my Etsy store.


sin.thesis said...

i love using this kind of metal in my work. well, if not that kind, similar--i get the inexpensive sheets from lowes, but they do develop a kind of spotty rust (which i like for my own pieces but i wouldn't really use this stuff on things i want to sell). i have a separate set of inexpensive files i reserve for steel. rotary attachments really wear down too--luckily i'm not into fancy finishes on steel. i just ordered some actual stainless from so i can make salable pieces (they had the best prices if you're interested, they have other metals too). there are sooo many different kinds of steel, i'm starting to "get" it.

China Hand Tools said...

It is very beautiful.